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You Won’t Believe The Amazing Transformation Of This Kitten Who Once Was The Weakest Of The Litter

This adorable cat is Little Roo Russ. She was taken in by a shelter with her two kitten siblings in late April 2016, and apparently, there was something wrong with her. According to Marnie Russ, “She was way smaller compared to her siblings and the staff at the shelter noticed there was something wrong with the way she was walking.” They x-rayed the poor kitten, and they found out that she was born without elbow joints. Marnie, who specializes in caring for animals with specials needs, brought the poor kitten home and soon after, they managed to build a strong connection!

These Adorable Cats Will Restore Your Faith In Love And Relationships

You’ve heard the term ‘lovebirds’ before, but we’re here to prove to you that ‘love cats’ have even stronger feelings for each other! Cats are not afraid to show their love to each other and they’re better at that compared to humans. Especially the cats in this list who seem to be hopeless romantics! So if you want to see something really heartwarming today, check out our list of adorable cats that are madly in love!

Instead Of Charging Parking Violators With A Fee, This Police Department Wants You To Donate To A Shelter

Every now and then, we find news that is brightening our day and just restoring our faith in kindness and humanity in general. This is one of such news. The Muncie Police Department decided to demand people with a parking ticket to donate cat supplies to the animal shelter, instead of straight-up paying the fee.

Amazingly Large Maine Coon Cat

Among the various types of cats, Maine Coon is one of the biggest cats. This fluffy cat looks quite big on the photos too. Owner of a Maine Coon named Lotus is sharing photos on the Instagram account and she has 325.000 followers. Scroll down to see the best posts.

The Unique Fur Markings Of These Cats Will Blow Your Mind

All cats are unique in their own way, but for some, it’s easier to stand out just because of their crazy fur markings! Here in this list, we compiled 10+ kitties with very interesting patterns, and we guarantee you that they are going to blow your mind. Scroll down, and enjoy our list!

Meet Cashnip Kitty, The Office Cat That's Been Snatching Money From Passersby

It’s easy to say this office cat has a unique talent. He snatches money from people! While other cats enjoy catnip, he has a strong fondness for cash. He takes money from passersby and uses it for something that actually matters. So, this is the story of CASHnip Kitty.

These Fluffy Animals Will Brighten Your Day

All animals are beautiful. However, if we had to choose a favorite, we would choose cute and fluffy ones. Just looking at the pictures of those cute pets can lift up our mood and brighten our day. You can even cuddle your fluffy pet during cold winter nights to keep yourself cozy and warm. 

15+ Cats That Are Still Kittens At Heart

Cats are always so cute, fluffy, and good at winning our hearts regardless of their size. Their size only becomes a ‘problem’ when it comes to certain things they want to do, such as fitting into tight spaces and so on. But sometimes cats forget about how much they grow up. They still feel like the kittens they once were. Here in this gallery, you will find 15+ examples of such cats that are completely unaware of their size. Enjoy!

Check Out This Gallery If You’ve Ever Been Curious As To How Everything Would Look Like If It Had A Cat’s Face

Most of us use the internet to either find or upload cute pictures of cats and now we have countless cat photos available online! We have everything cat-related from funny cat memes to adorable photos of kittens, and it seems impossible to run out of cat content anytime soon. You're in for a different kind of treat if you are a cat lover this time, though. The 29-year-old artist and founder of the Instagram page named 'Koty Vezde' ('Cats are Everywhere') Galina Bugaevskaya from Moscow is photoshopping cats' faces onto other animals and random items.  "I came up with this idea out of the blue, roughly a year ago," she said.  "Before that, I had been creating various funny pictures using Photoshop." You can find some of her funniest works in the gallery below!

This Unique Looking Playful Cat Named Ikiru Will Win Your Heart

To be perfectly honest, words cannot describe how charming this little guy named Ikiru is! He has 124k followers on Instagram, and we’re sure that you’re going to be one of his fans too after seeing his photos. He is cross-eyed and he has a tiny pink tongue which makes him all the more adorable! His owners saw him on a breeder’s website and they immediately fell in love with his cute face! Once they made Ikiru a part of their family, Emma and Rich decided to start an Instagram page for this cute fella to showcase his daily life to the people of the internet.

The Bed Thieves: Cats Stealing Beds from Dogs

Dogs and cats can get on pretty well no matter how hostile they seem to each other in cartoons. However, when the issue is beds, cats are very relentless and they are determined to steal dog beds. Reactions of the dogs to these mischievous cats are quite innocent and they are definitely worth looking at.

This Abandoned Kitten Changed This Man’s Life

Josh wasn’t really so good with cats, and he wasn’t really thinking that there would be a time in his life where he just snuggles with a kitten.