In Honor Of Black Cat Awareness Month Here Are 6 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

As you may or may not know, October is officially Black Cat Awareness Month. Unfortunately, black cats aren’t the first ones to get adopted due to the stigma around their fur color, so this month, people are trying to promote the adoption of black cats.

 Many people associate black cats with witchcraft or other superstitions which are completely ridiculous and non-sensical. However, all these beliefs affect their adoption rate in a negative way. So here in this list, we are going to give you 6 reasons why you should adopt a black cat. Let’s end the stigma around them together!

Black cats’ hairs are less visible on your clothes. Many cat owners have to deal with the shedding problem as you can guess. They usually have cat hair on all their clothes. This is especially a problem with white or light-colored cats, but since black cats have very dark fur, their hairs aren’t as visible on your clothes.

Help a black cat during Halloween, if you really like Halloween! If you can hardly wait for Halloween, a black cat will just improve your Halloween experience. However, these cats face many dangers during the Halloween season. Some people adopt black cats just as decorations during the Halloween season and then return them after the holidays. That’s why many shelters put a limit to adoptions during this season. Some people go even so far as to steal black cats during Halloween. Black cats may also be exposed to harm because of some pranks or Halloween rituals. So if you give a black cat a permanent home, you can keep it out of the dangers outside.

Don’t judge a cat by its fur color! In the western world, we mostly think black cats bring bad luck, but in many other parts of the world, they are associated with good luck! Both Irish and Japanese people believe black cats bring good fortune, for example. You can also ask the owners of black cats about it, and they will happily tell you that their cats have brought them nothing but love and joy!

The pop culture is full of amazing black cats! There are lots of black cats we all love when it comes to pop culture. Even though we can just give you lots and lots of examples, a couple of the most famous ones are Felix The Cat, Snowball II from The Simpsons, and Jiji from the successful anime Kiki’s Delivery Service.

You can take amazing photos of black cats! Instagram and ‘influencer culture’ are two things that have become very integrated into our lives. So much that, one of the reasons people don’t want to adopt black cats is they think black cats are harder to take selfies with! There certainly are tips and tricks out there if you want to take beautiful pictures of your black cats, so we suggest you to stop being lazy and take a look at those instead! Once you try taking a couple of photos of your black cat with that knowledge, we guarantee you that you are going to see a dramatic increase in your follower count!

There are lots of black cats out there that you can adopt. Since not a lot of people are willing to adopt black cats, it’s guaranteed that you’re going to find the black cat of your dreams if you just pay a visit to your local shelter. After this many great reasons, you should be convinced that a black cat can change your life in a very positive way! So, call your local shelter to find your perfect furry companion now!