Every Day Is Halloween For This Charming Cat

Lisa Shaffer is a bibliographic services assistant working for Centre County Library in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. 

As we all know, with the rise of social media, local libraries are having a hard time luring people in. The library Lisa works for was no different in that sense. So, she decided to find a really creative way to make a change.

As she is aware of the internet’s fondness for cats, she thought of dressing her cats up as characters from literary works and works of pop culture and then sharing the photos on social media. She started to work on this project after telling her plan to her supervisor and getting his approval.

She says that she chooses the themes of the outfits randomly, or to highlight specific events and dates such as birthdays of famous authors, etc. She mainly works with her cat named Horatio, and this adorable feline now has hundreds of thousands of people following him on social media!

Nowadays, Lisa is still working on her extravagant outfits for her cats to model while the library has gained more attention than ever before!