Avoid These Names If You Want To Give Your Black Cat A Unique Name

Naming anything, be it a pet, a stuffed animal, or a child (actually this must be the hardest!) can be very challenging. You need to choose a name that reflects their personality and unique features; it’d be ridiculous to call a timid, calm cat “Panther”, for example. We usually let our children name the pet of the house though, and their vocabulary can be kind of limited, to be perfectly honest. They usually want to give weird names to their pets, so maybe cliche names are actually better than those!

There are some cat names that are super generic just like some of the human names. Probably because of their appearance, black cats usually suffer from this the most as many of them end up sharing the same names. So here’s a list of the most common names for black cats for you. Remember to avoid those if you want your black cat to stand out from the rest!

1- Shadow Yeah, well...Because your cat is solid black, and you want to give him a ‘mysterious’ sounding name.

2- Tuxedo The ‘perfect’ cat name if your cat is black and white.

3- Midnight Yet another very lazy name for a black cat.

4- Socks This is because...how their paws look, we are guessing?

5- Oreo Another generic name option for your black and white cat. Well, at least both the cookies and cats are sweet, right?

6- Merlin Since black cats are usually associated with witchcraft, it only makes sense to name your black cat after one of the greatest sorcerers to have ever lived.

Sadly, though, black cats are among the cats that are least likely to get adopted because of their fur color. We highly encourage you to adopt a black cat today and change its life by giving your love and affection! You can also challenge your creativity by trying to find a unique and obscure name for that cutie! Awesome idea, right?