This Family Changed The Life Of This Poor Stray Cat And Her Kittens

This cute stray cat in the photos entered a barn in Lake Chelan, Washington. Since no one came and took the cat from there, a neighbor started to take care of the cat. 

A while after that, she realized that the cat was pregnant and she was looking for a safe place during her pregnancy.

A rescuer and fosterer from Seattle named Ashley Morrison was contacted about the cat, and she immediately decided to take her in. According to Ashley, the cat was a bit shy and confused about where she was when they first met. After she was properly fed and given a room, the momma cat started to feel better about her environment. She would spend most of her time by the window, watching outside and the birds.

Since she loves watching the birds, they decided to call the cat Birdie. Birdie’s belly kept on growing bigger and bigger as the due date was getting closer. One day Ashley walked into her room and came across a big surprise. Birdie finally gave birth to her babies! Ashley had prepared a basket with blankets for her in the bathroom thinking she might need a quieter and darker space, and Birdie indeed chose to give birth there.

Birdie gave birth to five healthy babies. Luckily, they were brought into this world when Birdie secured a cozy and nice living space for them, instead of giving birth on the streets. Birdie did her best to make her kittens happy and kept them safe at all times. Ashley also did everything she could in order to give them a safe and nice space.

Birdie decided to keep her kittens in the bathroom for the first couple of weeks, so she wouldn’t feel worried about them when she went to replenish and stretch out. Even though she is almost one year old now, Birdie is still a kitten at heart. Ashley thinks she would’ve been happy if she had no babies to take care of and adds she will be very happy for her when she is ready for finding a forever home.

The kittens started to explore their environment immediately after they started to walk on their own! Ashley turned their nest into a safe playground for them so that they could move around without any worries and learn to walk properly.

Birdie is always keeping their kittens close to her and watching them grow up. Even though Birdie is well aware of her duties as a mother, she also wants to play and enjoy her life as a kitten herself.

The cat family has really blossomed in the hands of Ashley. The now 6-week-old kittens can eat from a dish and run around freely. However, they still go back to their mother when it’s snack time and to find some peace and comfort while watching TV together.

When they reach the right age for adoption, the kittens will be neutered and look for a family that’s going to love them and care for them for the rest of their lives. After that, Birdie will also find herself a new home where she can play freely like a kitten again.

The five kittens are named Dove, Finch, Hawk, Raven, and Robin. They all have amazing personalities, and they can brighten anyone’s day. Even though Ashley provided them with beds and a large space, they always gather together.

Hopefully, they will never find themselves on the streets again and enjoy the rest of their lives as indoor cats.