This Couple Helped This Obese Cat Lose Weight

Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman wanted to adopt a kitten and went to the local Humane Society. However, they ended up falling in love with this giant cat named Bronson as soon as they walked in. According to the story a staff member shared with the couple, Bronson’s last owner passed away. Since the cat was very obviously overweight (33 pounds!), they thought that his last owner was probably an old man who was feeding him table scraps. The couple brought Bronson to their home and then they immediately went to the vet. They wanted him to lose weight because he was running the risk of having Fatty Liver Disease, which can be a fatal illness. They’ve arranged a new exercise and diet routine for Bronson. Despite his giant size and relatively scary looks, Bronson was so happy to be with his new family and he was so sweet to them. Now, he has an Instagram account on his own to share his weight loss journey with the world. He already has more than 30000 followers! He managed to shed 1.6 pounds and he’s on the right path for a healthy life.

This is Bronson, the giant cat.

When Mike and Megan went to the Humane Society, they felt an instant connection with this cat.

Despite the fact that he was only 3 years old, he was weighing more than 33 pounds!

They took him home and decided to help him with the weight loss process.

He was a total sweetheart, and he was so happy to finally have a big space of his own.

He’s now allowed to eat only 375 calories per day. He’s getting half of these calories from kibble and the other half from grain-free wet food.

The couple has also had to change his exercise routine a number of times.

This tomato filled with catnip is his favorite toy and he plays with it all the time.

Bronson is an Instagram star with more than 30000 followers. People are supporting him with his weight loss journey.

He looks so cute when he’s sleeping with his pillow

He’s going pretty successful on his journey

Even though he can’t climb up and play with the other cats, for now, he is sure that he will get there sometime soon.