These Photos Will Prove You That Cats Are The Cutest Creatures On Our Planet

Are u ready?

You need to admit that cats are truly amazing

Just look at their mesmerizing eyes!

And when they close their eyes, that’s when they get so adorable that you just want to squeeze them!

They have very ‘boop’able noses

Funny looking whiskers

And also tiny little vampire teeth!

Their chins are so fluffy that we can’t even deal with it!

And when they yawn you get the chance to see their pink tongue

They just have the most amazing legs and thighs

And moreover, just look at those adorable paws!

How can we even forget about their toe beans?

Their bodies are basically liquid, and they can take the shape of any container they manage to fit their bodies in!

How can you even say no to that face?

They manage to look majestic and adorable at the same time

Don’t you want to give them belly rubs as well?

And of course, the fluffiest of them all, their tails!

We think we gave you more than enough photos to prove we’re right about how adorable cats are!

Here's a bonus blep just for you!