The Internet Has A New Grumpy Cat Now And It Looks Even Angrier Than The Previous One - Funny Cats World

Meet Kitzia. This constantly angry-looking cat seems to be the successor of our beloved Grumpy Cat who passed away in recent years. Her name means ‘kitty’ and Kitzia is now an internet sensation with over 87.9k followers on Instagram and this number keeps growing every day! Kitzia is living in Florida with her owner, Viktoriia Otdielnova. Viktoriia is Ukrainian but she’s been living in the States for more than the past 6 years. Since she’s a professional photographer, she is taking Kitzia’s awesome photos that you see online. Viktoriia always thinks of photography as her true passion. “It makes me so happy to create something so meaningful, and something that lasts forever. Photography is definitely an inseparable part of my life and my character,” says Viktoriia on her website. “To me, it’s a source of energy,” she added.

Meet Kitzia, the new grumpy cat

Seems like she doesn’t enjoy being petted that much

But she doesn’t say no to having some affectionate moments with her owner every now and then

Her eyes are gigantic!

We couldn’t dare to go near her!

She seems pissed that she wasted some milk!

One of her sneaky cat moments

Staring into the abyss

‘Do you think this is funny?’

Planning to murder you in your sleep

That’s an inappropriate moment to take a pic, we agree

‘Don’t you dare tell me what to do!’

Another moment when she was creating evil scenarios in her head

She seems absolutely terrified here!

She is a tough cookie!

‘Let me go!’

‘What are you looking at, huh?’

‘Hey, I said I’m ready for my morning massage!’

‘How dare you, petting me like this?’

‘Yes, I do enjoy cuddles sometimes, so what?!’

‘What’s that noise?’

We sure don’t want to get on her bad side

Hard to understand if she likes chin rubs or not

‘I am actually a nice kitty. I truly am.’

You can forget about those macarons now

She’s planning a stealth attack

‘Oh, well, life isn’t so bad after all’

‘Don’t ever think of holding me in your arms!’

We think she secretly enjoys this

‘I want to have my own personal space!’