Kitten And Man Becomes Best Friends After It Crawls Up To Him While Fishing

The man in this story was fishing by the lake one day when this adorable cat crawled up to him meowing for some cuddles. 

He was unable to turn the kitten down, and we can’t blame him for that. Look how cute this fluffball is!

Jason was very surprised when he saw the cat running towards him meowing. Then, the tiny furbaby started to climb into his bag. “We were fishing with a close friend of mine when she walked up to me. She tried to go across a 2 lane country highway to the other side of the street where we were.” Jason and his friend then found another kitten that they thought to be her sister. They figured that the kittens were abandoned. “The poor kittens were too young to be separated from their mom.” They couldn’t bring themselves to leave the kittens there so they decided to take them home!

The gray kitten quickly became very fond of Jason and started to follow him everywhere. Jason adopted this kitten himself and found another family for her sister. The kitten loved him so much that when he grabbed her, she held him back and never let him go. Here you see them cuddling.

The kitten was so happy to find an owner that loves her that she didn’t even whine when Jason was giving her a bath.

“She is currently doing very well, eating good, she learned how to use the cat litter, and we have tried to get rid of her fleas as best as we can. Since she’s too young and tiny there aren’t any types of anti-flea medications we can use on her safely.”