An Illusive Painting of a Sphynx Cat

Tom Bragado Blanco is a French artist known as last1 username and is at the age of 33. Although street artists are very talented in creating fascinating views on buildings or other backgrounds, they don’t get the respect they deserve all the time. Every big city around the world has street art and artists that create those beauties and marks the city.

Blanco is famous in Braga, Portugal. His recent project was painting a sphynx cat on an old gas tank in a huge size. The sphynx 3D mural drew everyone’s attention across the area. The huge sphynx seems to be hanging out on the grass. The artist was inspired by his girlfriend’s cat. The sphynx painting took 2 and a half days.

Blanco’s special technique is “anamorphosis” which makes the painting seem different from different perspectives creating a distorted vision.

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